Saturday, 20 August 2011

New web site

Please note that we are now fully integrated with Bullies In Need and as such our website are now combined. You will find the American bulldogs looking for homes on there now

Saturday, 30 April 2011


Hi my name is Honey i am 7 year old (I look younger) boxer cross (possibly labrador)  and I am looking for a new home, I was being left for nearly 16hrs a day and didn't like being left for so many hours. I love children and could live with all ages.I like other dogs but im a little shy at first,  the only thing is i do not like cats so need a home with no cats please. I really enjoy cuddle's, I would be very happy to spend all night cuddled up with some one and im just the right size for a lap dog :) I love to give everyone I meet kisses and cuddles and I love my food and will do almost anything for it . I'm not overenergetic but i still need a walk a day as I really enjoy them I'm good on/off lead, I do pull a little bit but its manageable, I am a typical boxer as I love to run off and play with other dogs but I will come back. I enjoy playing fetch but I will destroy my toy, but I don't destroy anything thats not mine . If you think you can offer me a forever home then please complete the Application Form


Lilly is just 7 months old, her mother was a Staffie x bullmastiff and we believe her father was an American bulldog. She lives with children and is ok with them but is boisterous so can easily knock a little one over. She is also ok with other dogs. At the moment Lilly is in Cambridgeshire but we are looking for a foster home for her until she is adopted so could be moved to another area soon.
If you are interested in offering Lilly either a foster home or a permanent home please complete the Application form

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

BUDDY - rehomed

Snoop is an 11 months old American bulldog x bull terrier. As you can imagine he is an active lad, but with regular exercise and a training plan he will make a great family pet. He is neutered, vaccinated, including kennel cough and chipped. In the past he has lived with cats and children. He is an affectionate boy and is  ok with big dogs but not so keen of small ones. If Buddy would make you a good new family member please complete the application form

Saturday, 12 March 2011



Daisy is approx 2 years old,  she is spayed and fully innoculated. She gets on well with all the other dogs in her foster home and is also good with the fosterers grandchild. She is a happy lovable girl with no obvious issues, she loves her walks and playtimes. She is in the Manchester area. If Daisy is the girl for you please complete the application form

Saturday, 5 March 2011


 Sadly Winston has been returned, his new owners found they were not as suitable to owning a rescue dog as they thought they were.

He is between 3 and 4 yrs old is castrated .
Winston is a big lad, but really is a gentle giant. He is very gentle with people but does have issues with some dogs, therefore he needs to go as an only dog. He is an affectionate dog and loves a cuddle, but we aware, he does slobber
He is really strong and does need a strong handler, he is improving with walking on a lead.
With a bit of training and affection he really will make a smashing dog. If you are into canine sports such as weight pulling he would probably be ideal for that as he needs something active to enjoy and certainly has the strength!
Please do think carefully before applying for Winston, this really does need to be his last home
If you can offer the home Winston needs please complete the Application Form
He is in Nottinghamshire and you will be expected to go there to visit him.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Rocky is 4 years old, castrated, microchipped and vaccinated.
He is extremely loyal, friendly, good with children, and most other dogs , doesnt chew and is playfull. He doesn't like being left alone , barks at other dogs if on a lead, bit stubborn when given commands (gets there eventually :)

It is felt  that his ideal owner - would have a lot of time on their hands - and perhaps have another dog ( a bitch) to keep Rocky company - he loves his walks, and needs his excercise...
If you want a friend or a companion in a dog - Rocky is the one.. If you feel he is the one for you please complete the Application Form


This is Arnie, he is 5 years old and was abandoned by his owner at boarding kennels. He booked him in for 2 weeks and went abroad and hasn't returned. At first he was shy but now he is well settled there and very sociable. However he can't stay there forever and the kennel owner has asked us to find him a new home. He is in Essex at the moment. As you can see he loves attention! Please complete the application if you would like Arnie to be part of your family

Saturday, 22 January 2011


Monty is 5 years old, he is very affectionate and excellent with children, well-behaved and usually obedient. He is not always keen on quick approaches by other male dogs.He has been neutered. He would make a loving and affectionate companion, he enjoys his comfort and fuss! Monty is in foster in Northants.
We are featuring Monty for another rescue, if you are interested in him please complete the Application form and we will liaise with them.


Grizzle is a 13 month old boy whose owner sadly passed away. He spent some time living with a friend who also had a male bulldog, they shared a kennel and run together and although they got on Grizzle does have a few marks on his face which does seem to indicate they did have the occasional difference of opinion.
 He is a big friendly boy who we would rehome to families with children over 10 years of age. He is at present in Stoke on Trent. Please complete an application if you are interested in this boy

Saturday, 8 January 2011


 Buster is available again due to timewasters.
Buster is just under 1 year old and is in his 3rd home. He is a normal, active puppy who just needs someone to take responsibility and time for his training and upbringing. He needs an experienced person who has time to give him adequate exercise. He is generally ok with other dogs but is excitable. Would be suitable to go with older children but is too boisterous to go with toddlers.
The next home HAS to be his last, so please do think carefull before applying for him as to whether you can fully commit to taking on the rehabilitation and  training that he requires.
Buster is castrated, vaccinated and microchipped.
If after careful consideration you think Buster could become part of your family please complete an Application Form

Sunday, 3 October 2010


When Bailey first came to us he was described as an American bulldog cross Staffie, as you can see there are no obvious breed traits of either. He is medium sized, short haired. A lovely dog who deserves a home of his own. He has been either in  kennels or foster homes for a year, yet he is such a lovely lad who is no real trouble at all. His present fosterer has no problems with him whatsoever. He walks nicely on his lead, is ok with other dogs and could live with a bitch. He is neutered and fully vaccinated.
If you could take this little lad to your heart please complete the application form

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Bubba is a neutered 2 and a half year old American Bulldog.

He currently lives 4 children and is very good with them. He will wait until you tell him to go for his dinner and the same with snacks. He will give paws, sit and lie down when asked. Bubba is also house trained. He is a very loving dog. His one problem is that he is not good with other dogs.
A change of circumstances forces his need for a new home.
As you can see from the pictures Bubba is used to running in a lot of space, therefore his new home MUST be in the country. He needs a big well fenced garden.
At the moment Bubba is near Forfar in Scotland.

If this gorgeous boy will fit into your family please complete the application form

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Minnie is a big strong girl who needs some training, if she wants something she will just barge through anything to get to it! She is very food orientated so should be relatively easy to train.
She came to us as a stray and is now in much better condition thanks to the care received at the kennels. She is a loving girl and will make a lovely family pet. She is ok to go with dog savvy children, but not toddlers. She is ok with large dogs, but not so good with smaller ones.
If you would like the challenge of teaching Minnie a few manners please complete the application form

Saturday, 3 July 2010


Tia is 4 yrs old and a lovely lively girl, she will need an active home as an only pet, she doesn't like other dogs or cats. Tia loves to play football, she would suit a home with children 13+ due to her size and bouncyness! She is a utter lovely girl although needs some work with her lead work but has come on loads since being in foster. She will need to go with someone who understands large breeds and dog aggressive dogs. she is great on the long line and is best not to go off lead as her recall isn't great.
Tia is in kennels in Notts. Please complete an Application Form if you think Tia is the girl for you.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


This handsome hunk is 2 year old Bullseye. He is a big strong lad who needs firm but kind handling with ongoing training. He lived with Peaches (below) but would probably be better as an only dog. He is an active boy who needs plenty of exercise and activity. He will be castrated before going to his new home. He is in the Cambridgeshire area.
If you would like to add your Bullseye to your family please complete the application form


This gorgeous boy is Rocky, as you can see he is a cross. He has the most wonderful personality and everyone who meets him falls in love with him ! He could live with a female dog. Rocky is just 17 months old. He will be castrated before he is rehomed. He ill be ok with older children but is too boisterous to be around little ones. Please complete Application Form if you think Rocky is for you.

Thursday, 12 November 2009


Treacle is 4 yrs old and a much loved pet who's owners have had a change of circumstances and need to find her a new home. She is an American bulldog cross who had a rough start tolife but was ‘saved’ by her previous owners from a lifetime of abuse and neglect.Treacle is a bit on the timid side, she loves people she knows and once she gets used to you is as friend for life. She is wary of other dogs but doesn't show aggression, she would be better off being the only dog. Treacle is a very active dog and needs someone who has plenty of energy and time to give her the exercise and stimulation she needs.Treacle is in Cambridgeshire. Please fill in the application form if you have fallen for her gorgeous expression.