Sunday, 20 February 2011


Rocky is 4 years old, castrated, microchipped and vaccinated.
He is extremely loyal, friendly, good with children, and most other dogs , doesnt chew and is playfull. He doesn't like being left alone , barks at other dogs if on a lead, bit stubborn when given commands (gets there eventually :)

It is felt  that his ideal owner - would have a lot of time on their hands - and perhaps have another dog ( a bitch) to keep Rocky company - he loves his walks, and needs his excercise...
If you want a friend or a companion in a dog - Rocky is the one.. If you feel he is the one for you please complete the Application Form

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emma said...

Ann - thankyou so much for adding him onto your site.. I feel sad that hes on there, but so glad he will eventually go to a new home. Just an update. I have been training him day in and day out - and he now responds to sit, lie down, give paw, and stay :D :D
Hes also walks at heel on a lead. He still occasionally barks at other dogs, but if i have a snack in my hand he wont :P

Thanks Again Ann - I can not explain how thankful I am for people like you in this world :)