Saturday, 8 January 2011


 Buster is available again due to timewasters.
Buster is just under 1 year old and is in his 3rd home. He is a normal, active puppy who just needs someone to take responsibility and time for his training and upbringing. He needs an experienced person who has time to give him adequate exercise. He is generally ok with other dogs but is excitable. Would be suitable to go with older children but is too boisterous to go with toddlers.
The next home HAS to be his last, so please do think carefull before applying for him as to whether you can fully commit to taking on the rehabilitation and  training that he requires.
Buster is castrated, vaccinated and microchipped.
If after careful consideration you think Buster could become part of your family please complete an Application Form


Dave Eades said...

Hi is Buster still available?
If so were abouts is he located?

andyace said...

hi i am just enquiring whether buster has been rehomed thanks

Dan73 said...

Hi. Could you please let me know if Buster still needs a loving home

Thank you


Anonymous said...

I have waited almost a fortnight for a reaction to my application to adopt Buster with no luck, roughly the tenth such application I have made to various organisations over the last three months without a single, solitary reply. I am a responsble adult and I have kept large, potentially aggressive breeds for well over thirty years with no incident, I abhor dog fighting and the use of dogs as status symbols and I wanted a dog as a family companion rather than a badge to imply that I am a bad boy. I lost Muttley, my loyal, loving rottweiler/pitbull cross and my best buddy in July - he died of old age at fifteen. I don't want to come across as bitter and sarcastic - honestly - but I wonder why the rescue organisations are constantly griping that they are overflowing with dogs that they can't rehome when they can't be arsed to reply to requests? I could understand it if I said I wanted a dog to kill the neighbourhood cats or guard my scrap yard or to show off to my mates, but I did no such thing. I genuinely thought it would be morally rewarding to rehome an unwanted dog, but it seems it wasn't to be. I can't wait any longer to fill the gap in my heart that my old friend's passing left, so I have purchased a puppy.,uk