Thursday, 12 November 2009


Treacle is 4 yrs old and a much loved pet who's owners have had a change of circumstances and need to find her a new home. She is an American bulldog cross who had a rough start tolife but was ‘saved’ by her previous owners from a lifetime of abuse and neglect.Treacle is a bit on the timid side, she loves people she knows and once she gets used to you is as friend for life. She is wary of other dogs but doesn't show aggression, she would be better off being the only dog. Treacle is a very active dog and needs someone who has plenty of energy and time to give her the exercise and stimulation she needs.Treacle is in Cambridgeshire. Please fill in the application form if you have fallen for her gorgeous expression.

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Naj said...

wow you guy have great looking dogs I lost my American bulldog I had for 13 years in the summer and I would love to give one of your dogs home but I live in America . I'm sure you guys will be able to find them all good homes so keep up the good work Naj